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About Us

A history of achievements & the inception of InstantlyPay

InstantlyPay Investments is a privately owned, wholly independent investment company, specialising in Stock Market, Forex and Currency Trading around the world.

InstantlyPay Investments allows you to deposit your money in the hands of our experienced currency traders, there are no need for you to do anything than Just invest your money in any our our investment plan and watch your profiit grow with the limitless possibilities of the Forex market.

Our Mission

InstantlyPay Mission is to open the Foreign Exchange Market (Forex) investment service to investor who is willing to participate in the fast growing currency market. Our company conducts trading in Forex Market with its unique fundamental and technical analysis.


The Forex Market is the largest financial market in the world, but it's also the most complex one. The main focus is capital growth through capital preservation. Besides fundamental and technical analysis, we identify over bought and over sold market conditions with our non-discretionary trading model.